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Spice and Wolf 13 (End)

March 26, 2008

Noe: I wish you both happiness.

In this episode, Horo turns into a big wolf again. Lawrence got his ‘revenge’. He make them pay him 500 Lumione over 10 years which he is clear of his dept for the time being. Shortly after, he and Horo is going to leave the town and travel again. However, he got the chances to tease her before leaving. Then, Nora came back to town and Horo commented that her dog is a better partner than Lawrence. This got them into a ‘love-fight’. Nora then say: ‘ I wish you both happiness”.

My comment: Another anime had ended. Though there is the Spring 2008 anime coming up. I will miss these ended anime. Well, if this could be a longer show, i think that this would be quite a nice show. Not bad to see how they scam other people.


Spice and Wolf – 11

March 13, 2008

Lawrence: Actually Nora, I like you more than Horo!

Nora: EHHHH???

Horo: What the hell did you say Lawrence??

Lawrence: You must be hearing things.

-Lame Ended-

Putting the jokes aside, it seems that in this week, Lawrence manage to find a way to pay his debt. Its by smuggling gold through sheep. Of course, they need a shepherd. That brings Nora back to the show. Horray.

2 more episodes more. I wonder what will happen. Maybe Lawrence will stay in the north with Horo. Who knows? I don’t think this will be the end yet. It would be like Zero no Tsukaima. Story is long but is show in 2 season. Third season is coming up soon.

Spice and Wolf

March 5, 2008

Lawrence: “i am in deep shit”

This week in spice and wolf, lawrence miscalculated and the price of armor has dropped. Till the point where he had to go around finding sellers. Or rather, as many had say, begging for money. Under the stress he had a huge dept, he leash out at horo. POOR HORO.

Comment: What happened to Nora?

The other day, i saw the novel of Spice and wolf at Kinokuniya. I think it is translated to Chinese. Why can’t it be translated into English. My Japanese sucks. My Chinese sucks. Its not like my English is good. But at least it is easier to read than Chinese.