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Seiyuu – Mai Nakahara

March 4, 2008

When i watch spice and wolf, the new person that appear (Nora) gives me a very Nagisa/Yuzuha feeling. However, it is not the attitude, it is the voice. The three person are both voice by Mai Nakahara. No wonder they are so sound the same. Naigisa is from clannad and Yuzuha is from Utawarerumono.

Well, no wonder they said that Seiyuu is the soul of anime. I agree with that too. Without them, there would not be anime in the first place. Really have to owe it to them. The ones behinds the screen who really work had to make things successful.

I quite like Japan style of promoting the anime. Not only that the anime would have the radio show, but sometimes, seiyuu also release their own character songs. Not only that promote the anime, but also make the seiyuu more known to the fans out there.