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Clannad-23 Special epi.

March 28, 2008

On the way to school, Tomoya suggested to skip class and go to the beach. But Nagisa refuses. Then, Tomoya suggest to hold hands but was interrupted by Kyou who ask is they are going to kiss.

Kyou is cute huh? Back to the story, During lunch break, they are having their lunch at Drama club room. Tomoyo is also there. Then, they asked where is Tomoya. Nagisa explained that okazaki-san is at Sunohara’s room. This cause them to make a fuss that she is still calling him by his surname even though they are going out.

Misae comes into Sunohara’s room and told him that a cute girl is waiting at the entrance for him. Sunhara dash out only to find Mei. Tomoya then brings Mei to meet Aiko and Sanae.

Nagisa, Tomoya and Mei works in the bread shop. She wanted to let Akio and Sanae had a day off so they can do what they like. Akio, of course, is off to play baseball with the kids. In the mean time, Mei said that inside the shop there is a cute girl, this cause a large group of people to go to the shop. Even Sanae’s bread is sold out. Akio said this infront of Sanae and tried to get off the hook by saying “Sanae, Suki da”.

The next day, Mei found Okazaki in Sunohara’s room again. She called Sunhara to get out and wanted to talk in private to Tomoya. She wanted to be the Cupid of love for him. And Tomoya thought that Mei likes Sunohara. But Mei corrected him and said that it was Tomoya she wanted to help. So, Tomoya thought she and Tomoya thought she wanted to help Sunohara and Tomoya get together. In the end, it’s Nagisa and Tomoya she wanted to help.

Nagisa and Tomoya on a ‘date’ planned by Mei. On the way, she went back to her parents’ shop to buy bread and wanted Tomoya to pay for it. Akio advice Nagisa not to stepped on bomb which means Sanae’s bread.

All goes well and ends well. In the end, Nagisa explained that she is older and she should take the lead. She thought that she had be dislike by Tomoya. Tomoya say that it is impossible to dislike her over such small matter. Tomoya, holding Nagisa hand, said if she wanted to go for a walk. She then say to Tomoya that they will stay together forever.


After story is on production. WEEEE~

Spoiler onwards



Clannad – 21

March 14, 2008

Kyou the conductor.

Tomoya: Hey, wake up. Lets go find the potty chair that Nagisa used before.

Akio: Here u go~ Here’s what you wanted.

Rie: Cd for sales, Cd for sales.

She look kinda nice in spec.


Who is the Kohai and who is the senpai?

Tomoyo: Turn right, Nagisa, into the pole~

After happy moment in episode 20, 21 ends sadly.

In this episode, it start off with the drama club practicing. Then Akio gave Nagisa a video tape for her to reference to their acting which then she review that she had not seen any stage drama before. This cause Tomoyo to spill his tea over Akio face. Then Akio and Tomoyo search the store. Akio found Nagisa potty chair and shows it to Tomoyo. In the end, they yell at each other and this cause Sanae to tell them to keep their voices down. Panic by Sanae voice, Akio swiftly pack the things back into the store. Back in school, Nagisa ask Rie to help her choose a music backgroud for her play. Tomoyo then comes in and take a look at how things are going. The following day is the rehearsal and Nagisa keep staring at her script. She nearly bang into the post but Tomoya were there. In the end of the show, Nagisa wanted to use a torch light. However, there were no battery and she went into the store to find some. In the end, she found the memories of her dad and mum….

My comment: 2 more episodes to go. Heard that one will be in the DVD. Praying very hard that they would do the afterstory. The next episode would be the ‘ending’. Seems that Tomoyo had not confessed to Nagisa yet. I wonder if they would do it like the movie. Confessed after the drama act.

Sometime i wonder, if it is possible to do each ending for different girl. Like the visual novel does. Like that, fans can get the ending they want. However, it would up the production cause. Does it really worth the cost? Fan might just buy all.


March 14, 2008

I was bored. So i youtube-ed for clannad and i got something quite amazing.

Heres another

Last one

I wish i had this kind of photoshop skill.

This is not interesting. Rather it appear sad to me. The song really suit the video. 

ま。。。。I am a Kyou fan afterall. Why couldn’t Kyoani spend more time on her arc?Tomoyo’s too. I don’t really like the idea of combining the 2 story into one.


March 7, 2008

Nagisa practicing her acting in the open park infront of her house.

Akio: 俺は大好き( I love them)

As always, Sanae ran away and Akio chase after.

This is the reason that Akio ran away. Sanae’s rainbow bread.

On Sunohara’s request, Yukine teaches him a spell if anyone is thinking about him.

Yukine planning to help Nagisa and Tomoya.

Drama club meeting. Or rather, Nagisa is telling the story to the rest of the member.

Akio: Go do something young people do in a room.

Thats another funny character in the show. Nagisa and Tomoya are searching for the picture book.

Because of Akio and Sanae chasing after their dream, Naigisa almost died.


Still, Sunohara’s room seems better for Tomoya.


Shy Nagisa is also cute.

My comment: This completely follows the visual novel. Next weeks should be touching on Nagisa practicing and asking Nishino to help in finding music suitable for her acting.


March 7, 2008

So this is how Tomoya got hurt.

Happy ending? Not that happy when Nagisa DIES.

Clannad movie was so sad. All because Nagisa dies. This did not follow much of the visual novel. Even Fukko and Ryou did not appear. Ibuki Koko and Yushino plays am important part in the movie. I couldnt much understand the show. Correct me if i am wrong. It seems that Tomoya blames it on Ushou for Nagisa’s death. It seems that Furukawa are taking care of her. Till certain day they asked Yoshino to bring Tomoya back. He turned at the sight of Shou. However, his friends were there to stop him from leaving. In the end, the happy ending of the father and the child.

Comment: Sad sad show. I still prefer kyoani drawing. Not that Toei drawing is lousy. I just prefer Kyoani’s character’s eyes. I wonder whats happens from that on.

Clannad for PSP?

March 2, 2008

There is a article that says Key is going to port clannad to PSP which is a good news to me because i own one and i am a big fan of clannad. Hopefully, this is true. I know that there is going to be a HD clannad game release for Xbox 360. But psp is not conform yet. I hope this article is true because i would like this to be portable like the previous port over game like Air and Kanon from Key.


February 29, 2008

Tomoyo: ‘rise your hand if you think i should be the female main lead’

Tomoyo: ‘ I announce myself, the main female lead’

Nagisa: ‘ No way i am giving up my main role’!!!

Tomoya: ‘goodbye…….’

Script writer!!!! WE DEMAND more screen time and story line

Finally in Nagisa’s ark now. Starts the show with student voting to let the drama club be active again. Then later part of the show, Tomoya was asked by a teacher for a home visit. His father was not at home and he make used of that chance to run away. After that, he met Nagisa on the way who predicted that he will run away and bring him back to his home. During that, she finally knew Tomoya’s problem.

Nagisa then invite Tomoya to stay with her and Tomoya moved to Nagisa’s house. Later in the part of the story, Tomoya visited Sunohara’s room and leak out that he is living with Nagisa now. In the end, he still do not admit that he do like Nagisa. Well, i think they are saving this for the later part.

My comment: Is it just me, or this week quality dropped? Angry Nagisa is kinda cute. I still have to get enough of Kyou and Tomoyo. Sad. They should have done more on Kyou and Tomoyo. Too bad for supporting character. I specially like the keyboard part where Sunohara come out with his own story. Well, i prefer the visual novel’s storyline because instead of the same creepy sound, there is a sound of a cry from monster in the end when Sunohara said that Okazaki is chasing them.

Gundam Musou Special; Clannad Full voice visual novel

February 28, 2008

Finally this game is out in the market. As many of you out there know about Dynasty Warriors, this game is about the same but except that you would be controlling the gundams. I had no interest in playing dynasty warriors because i think that it is just a stupid game that let you just keep killing and killing and killing. Although there is a bit of Chinese history behind the game, but sorry, I am not interested.

Unlike the dynasty warriors, Gundam Musou is all about gundam. Too bad i am a fan of gundam. So i will try this game out. I think i will get bored soon just like the dynasty warriors game. Well, everything depends until i had try the game. This game had be release for PS3 long ago. Just it had been bring to PS2 also. I hope in near future, for PSP too. But different gameplay.

 Clannad Visual Novel 

Speaking of which, on 29th, which is tomorrow, Key is going to release the official full voice version for Clannad the visual novel PC. I can’t wait for it. Hopefully Tomoya finally have voice. Ps2 voice patch to computer one did not have Tomoya voice. Hence, some of the words at after story, i could not translate properly. The reason i could not translate, my Japanese sucks. Some kanji i could not read. Hence, i need people to pronounce to me and i look up in the dictionary and try to remember. Besides, i did not have any proper training in Kanji reading anyway.

Just to add on, although Key is the famous producer of H-games, Clannad is a clean, H-free game. Since every game that had been bring to Ps2 is a clean H-free game. I can play it to sort of improve my Japanese. For the Japanese and fans, we call it visual novel.  Somehow the people in the west like to call it dating simulation which makes people who play this games sound so desperate.


February 25, 2008

I had been wanting to watch this since last year Nov. It is really really hard to be an oversea fan. It is very expensive too. This i think cost around $90+ if i were to ship here. By the way, friends of my, the will make a good birthday present for me. Since the release date is my 21st birthday.

However, the disadvantage side of this is that…….it is not done by kyoani. Which means that there is a bit different in the drawing. Seiyuu wise, i think only Tomoya is different. The rest remains the same as the anime(TV). How i really wish i was living in Japan. Where at least i could go to the movies and watch this.

Abit of spoilers from here onwards