Code Geass R2- 01


The show starts in a year after Zero defeat and Zero is suppose to be dead. So, C.C is taking comment of the only member of Shisei ken and a few of the people left.

Back in school, Lelouch is chased by his teacher for skipping P.E lesson. He got into the chemistry lab and create a colour fog as a smoke screen and later used Rivalz as a substitute to escape.

After that, his brother, Rollo asked him if he is going collage. Lelouch answered by saying that he is tired of studying. He added on that if he is going to join the work forces, there would be noble up there controlling everything. Unknown to Lelouch, he is watched by a Britannia’s Secret Intelligence Agency.

He arrived at the tower babel with a chess set to challenge other people. He told Rollo that it is to look for greater challenge but actually, it is just to kill time. At the same time, Carares was set out to meet the Chinese Federation.

Inside, he bumped into a bunny-dressed kallen who accidently spill drinks over Lelouch. She apologized straight away and explain that she do that because she is an eleven and she did not had any power. Then, a gambler, King appeared and grabbed her by the hair to see her face. Lelouch then challenge him to a chess match and wins which then, King then accused of Lelouch of cheating.

When King’s man had held Lelouch down, an explosion had occurred. Kallen then uses the chance to kick king’s face and take care of his man. Then, in the confusion, she pull Lelouch away. Britannia’s Secret Intelligence Agency also starts their operation.

C.C appeared infront of Lelouch and claimed to be his ally and Lulouch’s enemy is Britannia. She said that they had made a contract and this cause Lulouch to walk towards her. When he got close to her, she got shot in the heart and starts following. Lulouch manages to catch her and was confused when one of the cockpit of the robot open and the leader of the intelligence appeared.

He review that Lelouch is the bait to lure out the remaining forces of the order and to lure out C.C. The man feels that he did not need to tell Lelouch anything more and tried to kill him. To everyone’s surprised, C.C got up and kissed Lulouch. This cause him to got the flash back from last time and his attitude and geass power, the power of king, back.

With his power back, he asked the man question, is power justice. If being powerless is a sin. And taking revenge is a sin. The man said that there is only death awaits a bait and in the end, Lelouch commanded them to die.

My comment: A wonderful episode. However, it started like season 1 that C.C got shot and the power of geass was given to Lelouch.


One Response to “Code Geass R2- 01”

  1. kehluh Says:

    I just realised I haven finish watching code geas season 1 yet. lol..

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