To Love Ru- 01


At first, LaLa was chase by her own people. At the start, it make it like some Sci-fi movie. Not a bad effect. Kinda like it.

The girl there is the one that our main lead like. He tried to confess to her at many times but…

….never got the letter to her.

The reason Rito like Haruna is because when everyone though that he is the one who destroy the bed of flower, Haruna choose to believe him.

So when he reached home, he took a bath and LaLa appear in the bathtub. Rito was shock and shouted out. His litter sister, MIkan heard his voice and rush to him, which he explained that there’s a naked women in the bath tub.

She then appear in his room explain that it was by chance that she appear in his bathtub. Because the bracelet she used chooses a random place to warp to. Then another invention appear which she used to create clothes. But when she transform, its like some hentai show. LOL.

In the end, the people who were chasing Lala appeared and told her not to run away from home anymore. She disagree and send out octopus vacuum cleaner and suck them all away, including Rito.

The next day, Rito who was going to school, met Haruna on the way. He tried to confess to her but Lala step infront of Haruna and Lala thought that Rito was confessing to her. She then suggest to get married with Rito.


My comment: Quite a funny episode. Not as much fan service as i expected it to have. Had slightly differ from manga which is good because I don’t want to see something that i had seen before. At least the show explained why Rito likes Haruna. Good start but think from now onwards there will be more and more of fans service. Gee, Fan service spoils shows.


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