Alice Nine on the Cover (Part II)


At Kinokuniya Orchard yesterday, I can’t seem to find Arena 37C Special and Shoxx anywhere.  Given that Arena 37C issue 4 was only shipped in yesterday and Shoxx was just released on last Saturday (29 March), this tells me that they are not shipped in yet by Kinokuniya-singapore. In other words, for those who missed Neo Genesis which was already shipped in last week, no worry. there’re still Arena 37C Special and Shoxx.

Guess I’m the lucky one cos I think I bought the last Neo Genesis remaining at Kinokuniya Orchard ^_^ However, it’s rather expensive..BUT..I think it’s worth it. So, hereby, I wish good luck to those who’s still waiting to buy Arena 37C Special or Shoxx or both.


2 Responses to “Alice Nine on the Cover (Part II)”

  1. Lostchild Says:

    u can try sunshine plaza when your mag sold out at kino. They do sell some jap pop mag but mostly is anime mag. The shop i think is called anime house.

  2. ohayosingapore Says:

    ICIC ^_^ thanks for your information. I just realised yesterday that Chinatown Point @ Chinatown got a shop that sells quite alot of anime collections and cosplay clothings (it’s on the 3rd floor I think..just go around the corner). There is also another comics shop on the same floor that sort of rent out comics books. My sis passed by the comics shop and commented that it even sells/rent out hentai comics books (I wonder if it’s true) I bet it has those comics you can’t find in other places. Maybe next time when you happen to pass by the place, you may like to go in and take a look *wink*

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