True Tears-13(End)


They really had done a twist here. I wasn’t expect this to come along especially what had been shown in episode 12.

Jun telling Hiromi at the Shine that she is right.  The one he likes is not her.  Back in school, Shin is surrounded by schoolmates who watch the dance. They said that he looks cool. Miyakuchi tease him by saying he is the hero now.

Everytime Hiromi is troubled, she sure train her basketball skills. In the mean time, she thinks about her relationships with Shin. In the end, she went to his house and confessed to him. However, she say that she would accept any decision Shin made. She is a sportman afterall.

Shin went out and visit Noe for the sake of showing her the picture book. However, she did not wants to see it. So Shin said that he would throw the paper away at the beach where Jibeta choose to fly. In the end, Noe showed up at the beach, picking up the thrown away paper planes. She looks at the picture book at a shelter near the beach. Ending page is missing but she said that she could guessed the ending.

In the end, Shin had chosen Hiromi.

Not to miss out Miyakuchi had patched up with Aiko.

So, Noe ends up with the chicken.

Comment: As I had mention in the beginning. I didn’t see this coming. Especially what they had shown in episode 12. I though this was going be a Noe ending. Turns out to be a Hiromi ending. All the while, I did not see Noe cry. Did she got back her tears?

Another anime had ended. Luckily, Spring Anime 2008 still had some good show to spare. The ones I look forward to watching is To love ru. Hopefully is not another fan service anime.


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