Disco ball!! *_*


After weeks of hair pulling, nail biting, chest pounding, Alice Nine has finally released their 12th single today ^_^ So, let us welcome ‘Mirror Ball‘, the shiniest, grooviest single in the WHOLE world. I’m not exaggerating. What else can be better than a ball covered in pieces of mirrors, hanging above the centre of the disco floor and turning round continuously. Moreover, it helps you save electricity *wink* you know what I mean.

For those who know who’s Alice Nine, you’re probably jumping with joy right now. But for those who full of ??? in their head, no worry. I will introduce Alice Nine as time to come. So, if you are interested, just stay tune to this blog. I will try my very best to deliver the information to your screen as fast as I could.

Okok. Now back to Alice Nine.

Alice Nine is a visual kei band signed under the record label of PScompany just like Kagrra,. In fact, it is the junior of Kagrra,. Making up of 5 members namely:

Shou, the vocalist
Hiroto & Tora, the guitarists
Saga, the bassist, and
Nao, the drummer (leader),

Alice Nine has released a number of singles and albums since about 3 years ago when they started out in Year 2005. And today, they just released a new single called ‘Mirror Ball’.

‘Mirror Ball’ single basically comes with 3 songs titled,

1. Mirror Ball
2. 奇跡
3. イレイザー -Memoire d’une fleur-

Accompanying their release of ‘Mirror Ball’ single, the song ‘Mirror Ball’ in the single is used as the theme song for a coming-soon-to-the-screen Japanese movie called Aquarian Age (アクエリアンエイジ). This movie is in fact a live-action movie based on a popular Japanese trading card game (TCG) as well as the anime that comes in the same name. You have probably come across this anime before.

‘Aquarian Age’ Live-Action Movie

 Source of pictures: http://www.aquarian-movie.com/

‘Aquarian Age’ Anime

For now, let us watch their latest PVs. If you want to know more about them, I will gradually post up their discography as well as their past PVs. Since they are my favorite visual kei band members, please don’t be surprised if I post a lot about them.

Alice Nine – Mirror Ball PV

Alice Nine – イレイザー -Memoire d’une fleur- PV


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