Spring Anime 2008


Many anime had ended. Thats means there is a new season starting soon.

Soul Eater

Story: It’s about the student in a shinigami school who are trying to let their weapon become a death-scythe which is the highest level of weapon that is only fit to be used by a “Shinigami”. In order to obtain that, they had to collect 99 evil souls of human and 1 witch.

Comment: Seems interesting. Since it is a comedy action show. Somehow it gives me the feeling of bleach.

Nabari No Ou

Story: Rokujou Miharu who is living alone, is a person with great power hidden inside of him. Then, his teacher who is a ninjas, tried to convince him to learn ninjutsu. On day, he was attack and he used his power to fend off the enemy. Hence, he had to enter the hidden world to become the king to survive.

Comment: Another action anime. To me, this seems like hero tales. It seems like Rei Kugimiya is the seiyuu for Rokujou Miharu.

Neo Angelique Abyss

Story: Angelique is going to attend the all girls school to become a doctor to help others. However, monster that drain life out of people starts to appear. Hence, she decided to dispel them with the help of others.

Comment: Seems like a romance show. Endo Aya is the seiyuu for Angelique.

Da Capo II S.S

Story: well, this is Da Capo 2 second season. Season one talks about Sakurai and Koko becoming a couple but in the end the break up. This is the second season to continue the unfinished story.

Comment: Why can’t they show everything at one go instead of breaking them up? Though I am not a fan of Da Capo but i think i will watch this show. Yumei is voiced by Yui Horie

XXX Holic Kei

Story: Yuuko is a witch who can grant people’s wishes. However, in return, they need to give up something precious. Watanuki, a person who is ‘tasty’ to the spirits by accident, came to her shop. She promise to get rid of the spirits that are following him. In return, he works for her.

My comment, I had been waiting for this show for sooooooo long. Finally it had come.


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