True tears-12


The episode starts with Shin finding Noe at the beach. Where she say things like she thought that Shin is the same as her who could not fly. But she was wrong. Shin did not fly because he choose not to. However, he still faces the front and move on. To Noe, this is the same as flying. So when Shin return home, he finally figure out his way. Towards dancing, towards drawing the picture book.  got a nice eye expression back there. So, the next day is the dancing thingy, and Hiromi helped him to dress up. Then, when Shin left, Noe turns up. Hiromi wanted Noe not to bother him anymore and cried. Noe commented that her tears is beautiful.

So Noe decided not to go to the festival and watch Shin’ichiro dance. During that time, she got a phone call from a publisher stating that her brother is going over there to work and will leave. So she went to find Jun. During that, Jun explained that he had actually like Noe and request for a kiss. He said that he wanted to kiss her on the lips. Then, Noe went to the beach again.

Back at the festival, Shin is thinking about the continuation of the picture book while dancing. The reason that he wanted to finish the picture book is for the reason of the person that believed that he could fly. At that time, his eyes show an image of Noe.

Noe did turns up at Shin dancing stage. Hiromi seems a bit shock at that. After the dance, Shin tried to find Noe but in the end he saw Hiromi. Then, Hiromi told him that she asked Noe to leave them alone but Shin doesn’t seems to care. In the end, he leaves to find Noe. Hiromi then takes off one of her shoe and started saying “don’t leave me alone”. Shin found Noe in school but by the time he reached, Noe had jumped off a tree.

My comment: A Noe ending? The previous episode also hinted a Noe ending. However, it still hard to say now. Hiromi had taken the move on Shin and Shin had like Hirmomi for quite some time. So, in the end is either Noe or Hiromi, it still hard to figure out. But judging by this 2 episode, Noe had a higher chance.


2 Responses to “True tears-12”

  1. Saad Says:

    yeah she has a higher chance now because its because she chose shin to give her tears back and it simply implies that he will be the one who can give her tears back when he feels something for her. My guess is that she would be in the hospital and shin would feel sad and realize his feelings and turn to crying and finally turn back and openly admit to Hiromi that he like Noe and because of that he couldn’t face her properly. Why I say this is because in the preview it looks like she gets back to what she used to do and she is likely to move on and she also says that what the hack was wrong with me back then meaning that she is going to admit that Shin like Noe and that she has got to move on. Oh well its I am a shinXhiromi fan but I think it would end up as ShinXNoe.

  2. Lostchild Says:

    Sometimes I wonder would it end up with JunXNoe

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