The cultural exchange


Hi, everyone.. Ractic has finally posted something. Sorry to those that have waited so long for my posts. Well a few days ago, I went with my friend, Delon to another friend’s cultural dinner at his home in bedok. He had organised a BBQ and catering dinner to welcome 14 japanese students who will be here on a cultural exchange. Delon and I practiced our Jap speaking skills a lot with them. Just to share some of the pictures.

The one on the left is Kanako chan, a shy girl who didn’t talk to us much unlike Delon(right) who kept talking non-stop.

This is me with one of the Jap students’ teachers. Forgot to get his name. careless of me.

Me again. This time i am with Satoru kun. He is very friendly, helpful and most importantly, talk to us very enthusiastically. Enjoyed having a coversation with him.

I have a lot more better pictures with me. But it is with my friend. When i get them i will post them up too. Meanwhile, I will be going to Japan, Hokkaido in the next few days. Will post my those pictures too.


2 Responses to “The cultural exchange”

  1. ohayosingapore Says:

    ahhh~! where are the pixs??

  2. janisuhoshi Says:

    hmm no pix? o.O

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