H2O~Footprints in the sand -12 (End)


I haven been following this series that tightly. But the moment that the show had ended. I went and watch it. Overall, i think this is a nice show that ended nicely but there is some part that I don’t understand.

The village chief had tried to kill Hayami but is stopped by Takuma. Then, Hotaru come by and told her granddad that she had already called the police and she would tell the truth to the police. Takuma had lock his memory and he only remember his childhood stuff. He went back to the apartment that he live with his mum before moving to the village with Hayami. Takuma thinks that Hayami is his mum.

When they move back to the city, Hayami constantly wrote back to Hotaru-tachi. On one incident, Takuma had a dream about Hayami and ask Hayami about it. One day, Takuma wanted to follow Hayami to the market. Near to the place where there is train coming, Hayami told Takuma that his real mum would not leave him behind. In the end, a small boy had drop the ball into the track and Hayami rush to save him. Takuma had a flash back that his mum did the same thing. Seriously, I thought this was the ending. But there is more.

In the end, they all grew up into adult. Hamaji still cross dress even when he is a father. It seems like Hotaru is the new village elder.

In the end, Otoha had make her appearance again. She is being reborn. He come to give Takuma a wish. And there the person appeared before him is none other than Hayami.

The show ended nicely. For the storyline i think that 12 episodes is enough for it. However, there is traps in the show. Especially Hamaji’s part.


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