Sad Nagisa. She thought that it was her fault that her parents gave up their dreams.

In the club room, they thought that Nagisa is feeling nervous.

Nagisa and Tomoya touring the school.

This looks like Chobits. Nagisa version~

The gang giving Nagisa some more encouragement.

Akio: Fullfill your dreams Nagisa

Couldn’t resist myself. Kyou still rocks. I would like a Kyou after. =.=

Celebration for the successful of the play. Button really can jump high.

Sunohara with the envy look. Well, he only dances with his little sister.

What a loving family.

Nagisa and Tomoyo on a date.

Nagisa’s expression is cute. ~_~

Back at you~

Shock by Tomoya’s confession.

Happy tears.

In this episode, Nagisa went to school without saying goodbye to her parents. In school, she kept thinking that it is her fault that her parent gave up their dreams. Sunohara sense something is wrong and tried to cheer her up. Tomoya and Nagisa decide to tour the school festival but got separated. In the end, Nagisa went to find Yukine and dug out some old video on drama plays.

Tomoya managed to find her and he tried to convince her that it is not her fault. When it was the drama club’s turn to perform, she stood in the stage and start crying. Then, Akio dash in and started shouting at Nagisa, telling her that the dream of the children is also the dream of the parent. They are happy baking bread everyday. Sanae and Tomoya also joined in. Tomoya told her to fullfill the dream that sunohara and he couldn’t.

Ending nicely and they held a celebration at Sunohara’s room. The next day, Tomoya and Nagisa went out playing. Then, they stopped by the school. Nagisa notice that she is on the cleaning duty and Tomoya admits that it was him who wrote it down. As a revenge, she wrote his name back on the blackboard. Then, Tomoya confessed to Nagisa and Nagisa was so happy that she cried.

Clannad had ended. I am sad. To me, this is too short. They did not animate the after story which i was hoping for. Hope that they would make one in the near future. Compared to Key’s previous animated visua novel, Kanon or Air, Clannad ended with a very weak ending. However, this is the funniest out of the three. Mostly thanks to Sunohara. The confession part was the same as the visual novel. Cool. There is still one more special episode next week. Seems like a wired episode to me.

The insert song is called 影二つ. It is still nice. It reminds me of the visual novel.


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