Kagrra, is a visual kei band that consists of 5 members, namely:

> Isshi, the vocalist
> Akiya and Shin, the guitarists
> Nao, the bassist and
> Izumi, the drummer

Initially when they started out, they formed an indies band and were signed to the record label, ‘Key Party Records’, under the band name of ‘Crow’. After some times, they moved to the record label, ‘PS company‘ where they formed a new band called Kagrra,. It is said that the band name is spelt as Kagrra in the first place, without the comma. As a visual kei (视觉) band, the band members decided to add a comma after the name to give it a darker feel.

Rather than saying visual kei, Kagrra, is in fact a neo-japanesque band. Different from other visual kei bands, Kagrra,’s songs have a mix of rock and traditional Japan flavours in them. So don’t be surprised if you come across a picture or video of them in girls’ yukatas/kimonos. This kind of uniqueness makes it a point I liked about them. But let’s exclude the ‘dressing up in girl yukatas’ part. I am embarrassed about seeing them dressing in girls’ traditional clothes when they don’t look feminine. Well, it is the past anyway.

Until now, Kagrra, has released a total of 19 singles and 10 albums, including 12 indies singles and 6 indies albums. Their latest release is an album named ‘Core‘, which came out on 9 January this year. It contains 10 new songs whose titles are as follow:

1. Irodori no sanka
2. Ujo
3. Shigatsu tsuitachi
4. Guilty
5. Bokyaku no hate no kogoeta kodoku
6. Sai
7. Kaze no kioku
8. Kamikaze
9. Yuki koi uta
10. Shin hyakkiyako

Before ‘Core’ album came out to the market, they released a single named ‘Utakata‘ and an album called ‘Shizuku‘ on 22-11-2006 and 14-02-2007 respectively. Among the songs in these two productions, my favourite would be ‘Utakata’, a song that is played using several music instruments, ranging from classical violin, ascoustic guitar, electric guitar, drum to guzheng (chinese name ‘古筝’). I like the neo-japanesque (rock-japan mix) feel and impact of the song. It is absolutely brilliant.


Kagrra, – Utakata PV

Kagrra, – Irodori no sanka PV (Latest!)


The followings are also my favourite Kagrra,’s PVs ^_^ They are ‘Satsuki’ and ‘Chikai no Tsuki’, from their past singles. Pls enjoy~ ^_^

Kagrra, – Satsuki PV

Kagrra, – Chikai no Tsuki

Chikai no Tsuki was used as the closing song for the 2nd series of ‘Ultimate Muscle’, a Japanese cartoon. A picture of ‘Muscle-man’ (kinnikuman) is shown below. 

Taken from: http://www.esmaya.org/foro/viewtopic.php?t=11273&sid=c7f42c8c6bfe09243d63bf2ad1072454


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