True Tears-11


Jun: Hey, since Hiromi don’t want me, how about we going out?

Nobuse: Sure, my Ai-chan also don’t want me anymore.

Aiko: Say, how about we share shin? I take Mon to Wed and you take Thur to Sat?

Hiromi: Sure thing. But what about Sunday?


Other screen shot:

Bad end. Tell you not to mess with Seikai or Kotonoha.

Noe….don’t jump.

Shin: You jump I jump!

In this week’s episode:
– Start off with Shin in Hiromi’s apartment.
– Went to the beach where Hiromi kissed Shin
– Shin kept thinking about Noe
– Aiko and Nobuse patch up
– Shin finished the picture book with a bad end.
– Horomi meet up with Jun and told him that she is not the one he likes.
– Jun called Hiromi late at night telling her that Noe had not gone home.
– Hiromi then tells Shin about it and he found her at the beach.

2 more episodes and the show ends. Seriously, would Shin choose Hiromi or Noe? I think Horomi stands a higher chance. In that way, Noe would get her tears back and end up with Jun? Interesting, seeing that the show can go either way. One think i would like to comment, this episodes is full of phone call.


3 Responses to “True Tears-11”

  1. Clarence Says:

    fong why you keep posting anime episodes here? you seem like damn free to get all this pictures

  2. ractic Says:

    I totally agree with clarence. Must be really your interest. I think even if you are sick you will still keep posting. haha

  3. Lostchild Says:

    Hmmmm…lets just say i am plain bored. Nothing to do, so blog about some anime that i am watching.

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