Clannad – 21


Kyou the conductor.

Tomoya: Hey, wake up. Lets go find the potty chair that Nagisa used before.

Akio: Here u go~ Here’s what you wanted.

Rie: Cd for sales, Cd for sales.

She look kinda nice in spec.


Who is the Kohai and who is the senpai?

Tomoyo: Turn right, Nagisa, into the pole~

After happy moment in episode 20, 21 ends sadly.

In this episode, it start off with the drama club practicing. Then Akio gave Nagisa a video tape for her to reference to their acting which then she review that she had not seen any stage drama before. This cause Tomoyo to spill his tea over Akio face. Then Akio and Tomoyo search the store. Akio found Nagisa potty chair and shows it to Tomoyo. In the end, they yell at each other and this cause Sanae to tell them to keep their voices down. Panic by Sanae voice, Akio swiftly pack the things back into the store. Back in school, Nagisa ask Rie to help her choose a music backgroud for her play. Tomoyo then comes in and take a look at how things are going. The following day is the rehearsal and Nagisa keep staring at her script. She nearly bang into the post but Tomoya were there. In the end of the show, Nagisa wanted to use a torch light. However, there were no battery and she went into the store to find some. In the end, she found the memories of her dad and mum….

My comment: 2 more episodes to go. Heard that one will be in the DVD. Praying very hard that they would do the afterstory. The next episode would be the ‘ending’. Seems that Tomoyo had not confessed to Nagisa yet. I wonder if they would do it like the movie. Confessed after the drama act.

Sometime i wonder, if it is possible to do each ending for different girl. Like the visual novel does. Like that, fans can get the ending they want. However, it would up the production cause. Does it really worth the cost? Fan might just buy all.


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