Although Wii had been in the market for around a year or so, i had only been able to try it recently. It was fun. This is really a very good invention.  So far, it is the smallest of 3rd gen console. Out of Ps3, Xbox360 and Wii. I think Wii really had change the way to play game.

The technology of the controller itself is really something. Although it uses bluetooth to connect to the Wii console, but it is also equip with motion sensor with the help of sensor bar.  The controller, call Wii remote nickname Wiimote can vibrate and play music, basic midi music i mean. Gameplay had never been the same again. However, there is something that is lacking. For graphic intensive game lovers, you may have to bear with Wii. It’s graphic is far from Ps3 or Xbox360 but i think you would soon forget about it as you will be too engross in the game.

If i would to buy any of them, Wii would be the first choice. Although PS3 graphic is very tempting, the technology of blueray had just take off. It is not that well known as DVD yet. In the long run, PS3 would win over Xbox360 as HD dvd had lost the formate war to blueray. I think in the near future, we would be using blueray drive in our computers. In about 1 or 2 years. Since blueray drive for computer is already selling, but it cause more than a PS3 itself.  Besides that, blank blueray disc are nowhere to be found also.  I wonder if Xbox is going to continue to produce its HD DVD or going to change into blueray. Sony really is something.

Ps one, they are one of the first to use CD to play game. From the old cartridges to CD. That was a new revolution at that point of time. After that, PS2 with the function of DVD had been release. Then, PS3 release. Equipped with blueray dvd.  I wonder what would be used for PS4. It would be some other newer and more sophisticated technology.


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  1. Clarence Says:

    Wa fong……. ur english here……. abit tok kong sia……………

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