True tears-10


Beautiful jab from Hiromi. Shin is in pain.

Sad Noe is kinda of sad.

In this week,

-Horomi moved out of Shin’s house.
-Horomi suggested a break up
-Miyokichi ask for a curse from Noe where she acted like she really give him one
-Noe goes to shin’s dance session and met Aiko.
-Ai thank her for the curse where she then explained that there is none.
-Hiromi tells shin that she did not forget about the festive thingy.
-Shin chase after Hiromi and fell.
-Horomi ran to shin and fell.
-With Hiromi on him, he said that he will do things properly.
-ends with a sad Noe again.

My comment: If this goes on, i think there is only one ending.  I think that Noe will cry because of heartbroken. Which in turn, get her tears back. Then Hiromi would end up with Shin. Maybe.


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