Random: Mp3 History


Well, i have been changing Mp3 player for the past 8 years. It all started with Mpio DEM.

For starters, i was still quite a stupid little kid that time. I really could not really find any good mp3 that time. I think the year is 2001. I brought this mp3. It was only 64mb. Well, that time people were still carrying their discman. When i used this, my friends thought it was a FM receiver. I think this is the longest mp3 player i had used. Used it for about 1 and a half year.

Later, i got to know of a certain company that having warehouse sales. So, i went there to take a look. In hoping to find a new mp3 player and i did.

So, i brought this mp3 player. Memory is 256MB. That is like alot during 2002 or so.  Because of it plug and play function, it was easy and good to used. I forget to mention that after 1wk i brought this, i return to the service center. Used for 1/2 before selling it away. The sound seriously is way better than my 1st mp3 player.

Then, a friend of mine brought a mp3 player. He introduce me to a new mp3 player. So when IT fair come, i grab it.

At that time, 2003, 1.5gb is like a lot. Dunn compare to Ipod. During that time, ipod was like way too expensive. Moreover, i didnt know about ipod that time. 1.5gb is a lot of space. I had used this for a long long time. Everyday go school, the 20mins bus ride, i would always have this on. Well, this follow me for 1 year until the ear jack spoil. Which, before the warranty ran out, i went to the service center again.

The lady was kind enough to replace my 1.5GB for a 4GB as they do not produce the 1.5GB ones anymore. So, i got a free upgrade.  Use a while, spoil. This time without warranty. What to do? Sell it away again. (display problem)

Why not try ipod, somebody told me. So the year 2005, i brought an ipod.

My ear were nearly spoil by this. No custom eq. Preset EQ sucks. I really cannot stand this. For friends who had know me for years, they know i am fussy when it come to sounds. I think other things too. Nevertheless, this was really a piece of art. Although the sound is not that good, but the function is good. Had a calender, clock, timer and best of all, games. Cool huh? In the end, i sold this too.

Back to creative i guess.

That time, there wasnt much FM mp3 player . Sometime later, i saw the company having a warehouse sales. I went there. Saw my old mp3 player. I thought for a moment, i like the sound, i like the size and i like the plug and play function ( serve as an external drive). So i decide to get it. After about half a year or so, the price dropped. To prevent more money loss, i decided to sell to a friend who was interested in getting a 2nd hand mp3 player.

That time i had a huge collection of music library. So i think i need a mp3 player with big space. So i got another mp3 player.

Zen touch. 20GB. It was really really cheap during the sales. So i got it. This is the one that i really regret of getting. It is a mess. The scrolling is not well design. Lastly, it is toooooo bulky. In the end, i used it as external hard disc. Since its a refublish product, no 1 year warranty was given. So you could make a smart guess of what happened.

After these, i did not brought any mp3 player anymore. I used my handphone to play music. But however, the sound is very lousy. N73 was the phone that gives me impression that Nokia phone has lousy music. Which shortly i changed to sony ericisson. The sound out put is great. However, the battery life also gone down very fast. So, i used my ITP money and brought another mp3 player.

Year 2007, Zen wave. I quite like this mp3 player. It could play music, video and the best of it. The inbuilt speaker. Cool huh? Not the design i mean, the function. Too bad, this mp3 player and i do not have fate.

Current mp3 using is Samsung Yp T10. Which the sound is way good. Provide if there is a good earphone. This mp3 player had a build in bluetooth. Which u could used for file exchange with your friend mobile phone. The main reason i brought this is because of the sound. It is really good. The YP-T10 plays music and video.

Purpose of this post: well, this is not to show off that i own before a lot of mp3 player. Its just to show how technology advance. Till this date here, even a mp3 player could have its own bluetooth.  What could be next? Its even harder to say. From 2001 which mp3 player is not that well known till 2008 the mp3 player is improving and improving.  From last time the 64mb till now over 40gb of storage space. The technology is really some that is moving. We, the consumer are trying to keep up. Years ago, for a 1.5gb, 2gb or 4gb mp3 player, the company would normally used a mini/micro hard drive. Now, company are used flash drive where there is no moving parts. This would sort of pro-long the lives of mp3 player. Who knows? Maybe next time there is a more powerful chipset. We would not know would we?  



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  1. download Bruce Springsteen Says:

    Great material. Now I know exactly the history of mp3 format. 🙂

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