So this is how Tomoya got hurt.

Happy ending? Not that happy when Nagisa DIES.

Clannad movie was so sad. All because Nagisa dies. This did not follow much of the visual novel. Even Fukko and Ryou did not appear. Ibuki Koko and Yushino plays am important part in the movie. I couldnt much understand the show. Correct me if i am wrong. It seems that Tomoya blames it on Ushou for Nagisa’s death. It seems that Furukawa are taking care of her. Till certain day they asked Yoshino to bring Tomoya back. He turned at the sight of Shou. However, his friends were there to stop him from leaving. In the end, the happy ending of the father and the child.

Comment: Sad sad show. I still prefer kyoani drawing. Not that Toei drawing is lousy. I just prefer Kyoani’s character’s eyes. I wonder whats happens from that on.


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