Nagisa practicing her acting in the open park infront of her house.

Akio: 俺は大好き( I love them)

As always, Sanae ran away and Akio chase after.

This is the reason that Akio ran away. Sanae’s rainbow bread.

On Sunohara’s request, Yukine teaches him a spell if anyone is thinking about him.

Yukine planning to help Nagisa and Tomoya.

Drama club meeting. Or rather, Nagisa is telling the story to the rest of the member.

Akio: Go do something young people do in a room.

Thats another funny character in the show. Nagisa and Tomoya are searching for the picture book.

Because of Akio and Sanae chasing after their dream, Naigisa almost died.


Still, Sunohara’s room seems better for Tomoya.


Shy Nagisa is also cute.

My comment: This completely follows the visual novel. Next weeks should be touching on Nagisa practicing and asking Nishino to help in finding music suitable for her acting.


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