Tsukiko Amano – Chou (蝶)


If you have played ‘Fatal Frame II – the Crimson Butterfly’ before, then you would be familiar with the white-red kimono which the lady is wearing in the PV screenshot shown below.

Yesh! This kimono was worn by the ghost of one of the twins that were involved in the sacrificial ritual decades ago as mentioned in the story of the game.

Surely, you wouldn’t be unfamiliar with the character the lady in the following PV screenshot is depicting. The character is none other than the other twin sister who was sacrificed during the ritual, and whose spirit was transformed into a crimson butterfly later.

These screenshots are in fact taken from the PV of a song called ‘Chou’ (蝶), which is also the theme song for ‘Fatal Frame II – the Crimson Butterfly’ PS2 game. As someone who does not possess any game gadget, I only come across the game a few days ago. Too late? Maybe. My curiosity spurred me to start searching for anything that is related to the game on the net. And that’s how I get to know the song, ‘Chou’, and the female Japanese singer, Tsukiko Amano (天野月子).


Profile of Tsukiko Amano (天野月子) [to be updated]:

Name: Amano Tsukiko

Name Meaning: Moon child (Tsukiko) In the sky (Amano)

Date of Birth: 18th November

Instruments: Guitar and Piano

Latest Album/Single:

On 23rd January this year, Tsukiko Amano released her latest single called ‘Heaven’s Gate(listen). It consists of two songs, namely ‘Heaven’s Gate’ and ‘Seven to Date’.

Official Website of Tsukiko Amano

Tsukiko Amano’s Blog

Tsukiko Amano – Chou (蝶) PV


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