True Tears-09


Accident at the highway. The bike is a goner but the people riding are alright.

Noe digging in the snow. At the place where Shin wrote ‘i like Noe’

Shin’s mum admitting Hiromi is their child.

Noe with a painful expression on her face.

Shin’s mum and Hiromi making up.

Noe under the blanket.

Another edi of true tears. In this edi, Hiromi and shin’s mum make up. They also had clear the doubt of Hiromi being shin’s sister. Which is not true. Shin got into a fight with a schoolmate because of the rumors about Hiromi. Noe’s brother, Jun was suspended because of causing the accident.  Shin, continue his picture and showed to Noe, saying the black chicken couldn’t fly because he was scared. However, Noe said that these were his own feeling.  Noe looks kinda sad in this edi.

My comment: this show can go either way now. Either ends with Hiromi, or Noe. But i doubt the chances of Noe is high. Hard to say huh?


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