Bamboo Blade 20


I am Shinaidar! Nice to meet all of you!

Shinaidar: Braver, what are you doing! NOOOOOOO! I can’t die on the first ep! I AM THE MAIN LEAD!
Red Braver: Thanks for all your help! But the series is Super Sword Squad Blade Braver, not Shinaidar, so you must DIE!

I was betrayed! I thought the Blade Bravers were good guys! ~weeps~ From now on, I’ll support Shinaidar alone!

Jokes aside, I really thought they replaced this episode of bamboo blade with an episode of Super Sword Squad Blade Bravers…

Yuuji invites Tamaki to a show… and when he mentions that Red Braver is going to be there, Tamaki’s excitement rises to new heights!

And these 2 girls start shooting off their mouth again… Youth, eh…Meanwhile, Yuuji passes the tickets to Tamaki…

When somebody gives you tickets, don’t you think you should invite them first? Well, Tamaki doesn’t… She invites Buchou Kirino, Saya, then Miya, Dan, and Satorin… And Satorin was all ready to go… until she looked to her left… That leaves only Yuuji-kun, and the 2 are off on a date…

Tamaki is shining… She’s so absorbed in the show that Yuuji is almost invisible… By the way, she’s a bit more vocal this ep, when she describes the super sentai shows in detail…

And let’s put our hands together to welcome the Super Sentai Otakus…
They are the real Otakus…

Obviously these guys are extras, since they can’t even answer a question….

The highest level of Otakuism means you must know how to sing the theme songs of your favourite character like a super-star does it… And she wins a bag full of goodies… which she gives to Tamaki…


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