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Alice Nine on the Cover

March 30, 2008

Good news for Singapore Alice Nine fans out there! Following the release of ‘Mirror Ball’ single, Alice Nine is appearing on the front covers of Japanese magazines, Neo Genesis, Arena 37C special, as well as Shoxx in April and May.

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If I’m not wrong and not too late, these issues have not been shipped in by Kinokuniya-singapore yet. So, for those who’s intending to buy the magazines, stay watch at Kinokuniya-singapore website. I would too go into the website regularly. But, for me, I would prefer to buy Neo Genesis instead cos I think they look better on the Neo Genesis’s cover.


True Tears-13(End)

March 30, 2008

They really had done a twist here. I wasn’t expect this to come along especially what had been shown in episode 12.

Jun telling Hiromi at the Shine that she is right.  The one he likes is not her.  Back in school, Shin is surrounded by schoolmates who watch the dance. They said that he looks cool. Miyakuchi tease him by saying he is the hero now.

Everytime Hiromi is troubled, she sure train her basketball skills. In the mean time, she thinks about her relationships with Shin. In the end, she went to his house and confessed to him. However, she say that she would accept any decision Shin made. She is a sportman afterall.

Shin went out and visit Noe for the sake of showing her the picture book. However, she did not wants to see it. So Shin said that he would throw the paper away at the beach where Jibeta choose to fly. In the end, Noe showed up at the beach, picking up the thrown away paper planes. She looks at the picture book at a shelter near the beach. Ending page is missing but she said that she could guessed the ending.

In the end, Shin had chosen Hiromi.

Not to miss out Miyakuchi had patched up with Aiko.

So, Noe ends up with the chicken.

Comment: As I had mention in the beginning. I didn’t see this coming. Especially what they had shown in episode 12. I though this was going be a Noe ending. Turns out to be a Hiromi ending. All the while, I did not see Noe cry. Did she got back her tears?

Another anime had ended. Luckily, Spring Anime 2008 still had some good show to spare. The ones I look forward to watching is To love ru. Hopefully is not another fan service anime.

Suzumiya Haruki no Seitenkan

March 30, 2008

Suzumiya Haruki no Seitenkan or known as the sex change of Suzumiya Haruhi. In the event of this fan novel, Haruhi had become Haruki and Kyon had become Kyonko. The rest of the character had also gone through sex change. It is mostly a fan work that modify Suzumiya Haruhi no Yuutsu.

Somehow, Kyonko is so Moe. Well, fans created her to be like a Tsudere character. I prefer this version of Suzumya Haruhi……for the time being. Fanfic and fan work BANZAI

Clannad-23 Special epi.

March 28, 2008

On the way to school, Tomoya suggested to skip class and go to the beach. But Nagisa refuses. Then, Tomoya suggest to hold hands but was interrupted by Kyou who ask is they are going to kiss.

Kyou is cute huh? Back to the story, During lunch break, they are having their lunch at Drama club room. Tomoyo is also there. Then, they asked where is Tomoya. Nagisa explained that okazaki-san is at Sunohara’s room. This cause them to make a fuss that she is still calling him by his surname even though they are going out.

Misae comes into Sunohara’s room and told him that a cute girl is waiting at the entrance for him. Sunhara dash out only to find Mei. Tomoya then brings Mei to meet Aiko and Sanae.

Nagisa, Tomoya and Mei works in the bread shop. She wanted to let Akio and Sanae had a day off so they can do what they like. Akio, of course, is off to play baseball with the kids. In the mean time, Mei said that inside the shop there is a cute girl, this cause a large group of people to go to the shop. Even Sanae’s bread is sold out. Akio said this infront of Sanae and tried to get off the hook by saying “Sanae, Suki da”.

The next day, Mei found Okazaki in Sunohara’s room again. She called Sunhara to get out and wanted to talk in private to Tomoya. She wanted to be the Cupid of love for him. And Tomoya thought that Mei likes Sunohara. But Mei corrected him and said that it was Tomoya she wanted to help. So, Tomoya thought she and Tomoya thought she wanted to help Sunohara and Tomoya get together. In the end, it’s Nagisa and Tomoya she wanted to help.

Nagisa and Tomoya on a ‘date’ planned by Mei. On the way, she went back to her parents’ shop to buy bread and wanted Tomoya to pay for it. Akio advice Nagisa not to stepped on bomb which means Sanae’s bread.

All goes well and ends well. In the end, Nagisa explained that she is older and she should take the lead. She thought that she had be dislike by Tomoya. Tomoya say that it is impossible to dislike her over such small matter. Tomoya, holding Nagisa hand, said if she wanted to go for a walk. She then say to Tomoya that they will stay together forever.


After story is on production. WEEEE~

Spoiler onwards


Disco ball!! *_*

March 27, 2008

After weeks of hair pulling, nail biting, chest pounding, Alice Nine has finally released their 12th single today ^_^ So, let us welcome ‘Mirror Ball‘, the shiniest, grooviest single in the WHOLE world. I’m not exaggerating. What else can be better than a ball covered in pieces of mirrors, hanging above the centre of the disco floor and turning round continuously. Moreover, it helps you save electricity *wink* you know what I mean.

For those who know who’s Alice Nine, you’re probably jumping with joy right now. But for those who full of ??? in their head, no worry. I will introduce Alice Nine as time to come. So, if you are interested, just stay tune to this blog. I will try my very best to deliver the information to your screen as fast as I could.

Okok. Now back to Alice Nine.

Alice Nine is a visual kei band signed under the record label of PScompany just like Kagrra,. In fact, it is the junior of Kagrra,. Making up of 5 members namely:

Shou, the vocalist
Hiroto & Tora, the guitarists
Saga, the bassist, and
Nao, the drummer (leader),

Alice Nine has released a number of singles and albums since about 3 years ago when they started out in Year 2005. And today, they just released a new single called ‘Mirror Ball’.

‘Mirror Ball’ single basically comes with 3 songs titled,

1. Mirror Ball
2. 奇跡
3. イレイザー -Memoire d’une fleur-

Accompanying their release of ‘Mirror Ball’ single, the song ‘Mirror Ball’ in the single is used as the theme song for a coming-soon-to-the-screen Japanese movie called Aquarian Age (アクエリアンエイジ). This movie is in fact a live-action movie based on a popular Japanese trading card game (TCG) as well as the anime that comes in the same name. You have probably come across this anime before.

‘Aquarian Age’ Live-Action Movie

 Source of pictures:

‘Aquarian Age’ Anime

For now, let us watch their latest PVs. If you want to know more about them, I will gradually post up their discography as well as their past PVs. Since they are my favorite visual kei band members, please don’t be surprised if I post a lot about them.

Alice Nine – Mirror Ball PV

Alice Nine – イレイザー -Memoire d’une fleur- PV

Spice and Wolf 13 (End)

March 26, 2008

Noe: I wish you both happiness.

In this episode, Horo turns into a big wolf again. Lawrence got his ‘revenge’. He make them pay him 500 Lumione over 10 years which he is clear of his dept for the time being. Shortly after, he and Horo is going to leave the town and travel again. However, he got the chances to tease her before leaving. Then, Nora came back to town and Horo commented that her dog is a better partner than Lawrence. This got them into a ‘love-fight’. Nora then say: ‘ I wish you both happiness”.

My comment: Another anime had ended. Though there is the Spring 2008 anime coming up. I will miss these ended anime. Well, if this could be a longer show, i think that this would be quite a nice show. Not bad to see how they scam other people.

Spring Anime 2008

March 25, 2008

Many anime had ended. Thats means there is a new season starting soon.

Soul Eater

Story: It’s about the student in a shinigami school who are trying to let their weapon become a death-scythe which is the highest level of weapon that is only fit to be used by a “Shinigami”. In order to obtain that, they had to collect 99 evil souls of human and 1 witch.

Comment: Seems interesting. Since it is a comedy action show. Somehow it gives me the feeling of bleach.

Nabari No Ou

Story: Rokujou Miharu who is living alone, is a person with great power hidden inside of him. Then, his teacher who is a ninjas, tried to convince him to learn ninjutsu. On day, he was attack and he used his power to fend off the enemy. Hence, he had to enter the hidden world to become the king to survive.

Comment: Another action anime. To me, this seems like hero tales. It seems like Rei Kugimiya is the seiyuu for Rokujou Miharu.

Neo Angelique Abyss

Story: Angelique is going to attend the all girls school to become a doctor to help others. However, monster that drain life out of people starts to appear. Hence, she decided to dispel them with the help of others.

Comment: Seems like a romance show. Endo Aya is the seiyuu for Angelique.

Da Capo II S.S

Story: well, this is Da Capo 2 second season. Season one talks about Sakurai and Koko becoming a couple but in the end the break up. This is the second season to continue the unfinished story.

Comment: Why can’t they show everything at one go instead of breaking them up? Though I am not a fan of Da Capo but i think i will watch this show. Yumei is voiced by Yui Horie

XXX Holic Kei

Story: Yuuko is a witch who can grant people’s wishes. However, in return, they need to give up something precious. Watanuki, a person who is ‘tasty’ to the spirits by accident, came to her shop. She promise to get rid of the spirits that are following him. In return, he works for her.

My comment, I had been waiting for this show for sooooooo long. Finally it had come.

The cultural exchange

March 24, 2008

Hi, everyone.. Ractic has finally posted something. Sorry to those that have waited so long for my posts. Well a few days ago, I went with my friend, Delon to another friend’s cultural dinner at his home in bedok. He had organised a BBQ and catering dinner to welcome 14 japanese students who will be here on a cultural exchange. Delon and I practiced our Jap speaking skills a lot with them. Just to share some of the pictures.

The one on the left is Kanako chan, a shy girl who didn’t talk to us much unlike Delon(right) who kept talking non-stop.

This is me with one of the Jap students’ teachers. Forgot to get his name. careless of me.

Me again. This time i am with Satoru kun. He is very friendly, helpful and most importantly, talk to us very enthusiastically. Enjoyed having a coversation with him.

I have a lot more better pictures with me. But it is with my friend. When i get them i will post them up too. Meanwhile, I will be going to Japan, Hokkaido in the next few days. Will post my those pictures too.

Kimikiss- Pure Rouge 24 (end)

March 24, 2008

This is kimikiss, so I thought I would show the picture of kisses.

Eriko and Kazuki. Expected huh?

Moe and Koichi. Another expected couple?

How about this? Anyone see this coming?

Kimikiss had ended. The plot was just a normal love story. I am quite surprise that how this could last for 24 episodes. The plot i think is good for short story. However, for a 24 episodes, it is a bit tiring to follow.

True tears-12

March 24, 2008

The episode starts with Shin finding Noe at the beach. Where she say things like she thought that Shin is the same as her who could not fly. But she was wrong. Shin did not fly because he choose not to. However, he still faces the front and move on. To Noe, this is the same as flying. So when Shin return home, he finally figure out his way. Towards dancing, towards drawing the picture book.  got a nice eye expression back there. So, the next day is the dancing thingy, and Hiromi helped him to dress up. Then, when Shin left, Noe turns up. Hiromi wanted Noe not to bother him anymore and cried. Noe commented that her tears is beautiful.

So Noe decided not to go to the festival and watch Shin’ichiro dance. During that time, she got a phone call from a publisher stating that her brother is going over there to work and will leave. So she went to find Jun. During that, Jun explained that he had actually like Noe and request for a kiss. He said that he wanted to kiss her on the lips. Then, Noe went to the beach again.

Back at the festival, Shin is thinking about the continuation of the picture book while dancing. The reason that he wanted to finish the picture book is for the reason of the person that believed that he could fly. At that time, his eyes show an image of Noe.

Noe did turns up at Shin dancing stage. Hiromi seems a bit shock at that. After the dance, Shin tried to find Noe but in the end he saw Hiromi. Then, Hiromi told him that she asked Noe to leave them alone but Shin doesn’t seems to care. In the end, he leaves to find Noe. Hiromi then takes off one of her shoe and started saying “don’t leave me alone”. Shin found Noe in school but by the time he reached, Noe had jumped off a tree.

My comment: A Noe ending? The previous episode also hinted a Noe ending. However, it still hard to say now. Hiromi had taken the move on Shin and Shin had like Hirmomi for quite some time. So, in the end is either Noe or Hiromi, it still hard to figure out. But judging by this 2 episode, Noe had a higher chance.