L: change the WorLd


Went to the movie to watch L:Change the WorLd. It is a very nice show. With a very good acting from
Ken’ichi Matsuyama. He is very ‘L-liked’. It is almost the same as the L in the anime. The attitude, the sitting, the action and the brain power. Ahhh, i wish he share some of his brain power with me. The others actor also acted very good. Especially Mayuko FUKUDA who is only around 13 years old. Not bad.  Ken’ichi had to speak in different language in this show. But, i think he pull it off nicely.

Well, this show is much much funnier than what i had expected. However, the more funnier it is, the less serious it gets but personally, i think that it is quite well balanced in terms of the seriousness. However, i think this show is a bit too gross. How the virus kill the people. It is gross. The most gross part in the show is where the professor died in the ‘clean room’. That was the most gross i think.

Overall, i think the show is worth going to see. At least it is funny. Too bad it is too gross. I couldn’t eat my popcorn after watching it. Makes me feel like vomiting. I weak to gross stuff anyway.


One Response to “L: change the WorLd”

  1. absolutebond Says:

    You really did your homework after watching huh?

    Anyway, probably the funniest part of the movie is when L was riding the bicycle with Near in front..

    One part that I feel weird: That L would expose his location to K…I think L should know more than to expose his location, especially, since he saw what he did…

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