Tomoyo: ‘rise your hand if you think i should be the female main lead’

Tomoyo: ‘ I announce myself, the main female lead’

Nagisa: ‘ No way i am giving up my main role’!!!

Tomoya: ‘goodbye…….’

Script writer!!!! WE DEMAND more screen time and story line

Finally in Nagisa’s ark now. Starts the show with student voting to let the drama club be active again. Then later part of the show, Tomoya was asked by a teacher for a home visit. His father was not at home and he make used of that chance to run away. After that, he met Nagisa on the way who predicted that he will run away and bring him back to his home. During that, she finally knew Tomoya’s problem.

Nagisa then invite Tomoya to stay with her and Tomoya moved to Nagisa’s house. Later in the part of the story, Tomoya visited Sunohara’s room and leak out that he is living with Nagisa now. In the end, he still do not admit that he do like Nagisa. Well, i think they are saving this for the later part.

My comment: Is it just me, or this week quality dropped? Angry Nagisa is kinda cute. I still have to get enough of Kyou and Tomoyo. Sad. They should have done more on Kyou and Tomoyo. Too bad for supporting character. I specially like the keyboard part where Sunohara come out with his own story. Well, i prefer the visual novel’s storyline because instead of the same creepy sound, there is a sound of a cry from monster in the end when Sunohara said that Okazaki is chasing them.


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