Tokyo Marble Chocolate


A friend of mine recommended Tokyo Marble Chocolate. I had watch in. But i don’t like the drawing. However, the songs are nice.

Who say donkey are stupid? This donkey here is cute, colourful and best of all, it protect the owner from hentai guy.  Oh, i forget to mention that this donkey is an important charter in the show.

Overall, the storyline is good. The show is funny and nice.

Is the donkey wearing diaper?

I have added new member to the blogs. They are absolutebond, the hentai one.

ractic and ohayosingapore.   



2 Responses to “Tokyo Marble Chocolate”

  1. andrewreadscomics Says:

    looks funny

  2. ohayosingapore Says:’ve mentioned me! ^_^ Anyway, that donkey is a funky one. Is it into punk? I forgot how to describe that kind of hair.

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