Gundam Musou Special; Clannad Full voice visual novel


Finally this game is out in the market. As many of you out there know about Dynasty Warriors, this game is about the same but except that you would be controlling the gundams. I had no interest in playing dynasty warriors because i think that it is just a stupid game that let you just keep killing and killing and killing. Although there is a bit of Chinese history behind the game, but sorry, I am not interested.

Unlike the dynasty warriors, Gundam Musou is all about gundam. Too bad i am a fan of gundam. So i will try this game out. I think i will get bored soon just like the dynasty warriors game. Well, everything depends until i had try the game. This game had be release for PS3 long ago. Just it had been bring to PS2 also. I hope in near future, for PSP too. But different gameplay.

 Clannad Visual Novel 

Speaking of which, on 29th, which is tomorrow, Key is going to release the official full voice version for Clannad the visual novel PC. I can’t wait for it. Hopefully Tomoya finally have voice. Ps2 voice patch to computer one did not have Tomoya voice. Hence, some of the words at after story, i could not translate properly. The reason i could not translate, my Japanese sucks. Some kanji i could not read. Hence, i need people to pronounce to me and i look up in the dictionary and try to remember. Besides, i did not have any proper training in Kanji reading anyway.

Just to add on, although Key is the famous producer of H-games, Clannad is a clean, H-free game. Since every game that had been bring to Ps2 is a clean H-free game. I can play it to sort of improve my Japanese. For the Japanese and fans, we call it visual novel.  Somehow the people in the west like to call it dating simulation which makes people who play this games sound so desperate.


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