Kimikiss- Pure Rouge 20


Kai giving Moe support.  

Moe ran pass Koichi

Yuumi : ‘Can we still hold hands’?

Kouichi: ‘Of course, we can hold legs too’.  

Eriko ‘laugh’ at Kazuki’s ‘propose’ 

Poor flower.

This week kimikiss starts with Kai consoling Moe and Yuumi analysing the relation between Moe and Kouichi. Kouichi is also thinking about it in his own room. When Moe return home, he dare not open the door and faced her.

Later part of the show is mostly on Eriko and Kazuki.  In the end, kazuki did ‘proposed’ to Eriko and i think that finally moved her. Speaking of that, i still pity the poor flower that is on the floor.

My comment: Kouichi is slow. Even yuumi knows.


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