True Tear-08


Sister complex.

Yehx, this place is a good place to skip classes and sleep. She rather face a chicken than a book.

He has a sister complex but too shy to admit

Ready, on your mark, FIGHT!

Story goes on that Shin drawing the picture book, Hiromi Vs Noe’s brother in free throw where she insistd that he shoot from half court. Who ever gets in a basket could ask the other question. After that, Hiromi gets in 2 while Jun gets none. Hiromi then ask if Noe gone out with any guys before and why Jun choose to go out with her.

After that, the 2 couple meet each other in school. Where Hiromi follow Noe to see the chicken. She said something to Noe and leave. After going home, she found burning picture again and confronted Shin’s mother which after that she said ‘ I don’t belong here’ and leaves to find Jun.

My comment: Why Shin’s mother keep burning the picture. I wonder how many picture can she burn. When finish burning also must clean up. And i am still curious if Hiromi was actually Shin’s half sister. If yes, that makes another sister complex person in the show. And poor Aoi-chan.


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