I had been wanting to watch this since last year Nov. It is really really hard to be an oversea fan. It is very expensive too. This i think cost around $90+ if i were to ship here. By the way, friends of my, the will make a good birthday present for me. Since the release date is my 21st birthday.

However, the disadvantage side of this is that…….it is not done by kyoani. Which means that there is a bit different in the drawing. Seiyuu wise, i think only Tomoya is different. The rest remains the same as the anime(TV). How i really wish i was living in Japan. Where at least i could go to the movies and watch this.

Abit of spoilers from here onwards

From what i heard from people, this movie did cover part of the after story of the visual novel. Which Nagisa give birth to Tomoya’s child, Ushio (a girl). In the end did Nagisa die or not, I don’t know. Thats why i wanted to watch.

From visual novel:

There are 2 route which the movie could follow. 1st, the so-called bad ending. Nagisa give birth to Ushio and Nagisa die soon after. Ushio lives for a few year with Tomoya and die soon after due to some illness similar to Nagisa’s. Not much time later, Tomoya too. They reunite in heaven (hopefully).

The other route: Nagisa give birth but did not die due to Tomoya’s calling. He call her not to go. So she lives. Ushio is also healthy. Tomoya works hard for the two. So they live happily ever after.

I sure prefer the latter’s ending. I don’t wanna take tissue paper and start crying because the whole family is DEAD!    T.T

Please don’t make it worst than Air.


2 Responses to “Clannad-Movie”

  1. lostty Says:

    The animation looks like it was changed a lot and not for the better! I want to see it, but I don’t want to be disappointed by it, so I’ll probably see what other people think before buying it or anything.

  2. Lostchild Says:

    True. There should be review in the net when the movie had been release.

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