Just a short intro.


Well, lets touch on something i like.

The seiyuu i like : Aya hirano and Yui Horie

Well, Aya had a very powerful voice. Which can range from the cute little girl to a mature young lady. Anyway, i saw the video of her singing life and demo her skill. I am simply amazed. As for Yui or the fanboys call, Ho-chan, i just like her voice. Besides, she is one of the seiyuu i notice in my early life of otaku-ism. Hahaz.

Current singer i like: Utada Hikaru.

Well, she is a very talented composer. With a very powerful voice. Know her from the song first love. Grow to like her voice because of the song favor of life.

Current anime following : Spice&Wolf, H2O, Clannad, SNS2, Kimikiss, Shugo Chara

The anime i want to see how the story goes is clannad. Key+kyoani= good anime. For the time being, i wish the one announce to have 50+ edp was clannad and not shugo chara. Spice and wolf is a good anime. Which shows how you trick people. Hahaz. Kimikiss is just a normal plain love story. Even i am surprise with myself for keeping up with it. H2O ~footprint in the sand~ is an anime with full of traps. Yap, full of traps, someone who wear a skirt, sounds like a gal, look like a girl is actually a guy. Its a trap. Shakugan no Shana 2 pace is so slow. Slowly picking up later part. But not as good as the first season. Why am i watching Shugo chara? That i seriously cannot answer. Maybe i am just too bored. Hahahz.

There are other i am watching also. But may drop anytime. Looking forward to the next season anime.


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