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February 29, 2008

Tomoyo: ‘rise your hand if you think i should be the female main lead’

Tomoyo: ‘ I announce myself, the main female lead’

Nagisa: ‘ No way i am giving up my main role’!!!

Tomoya: ‘goodbye…….’

Script writer!!!! WE DEMAND more screen time and story line

Finally in Nagisa’s ark now. Starts the show with student voting to let the drama club be active again. Then later part of the show, Tomoya was asked by a teacher for a home visit. His father was not at home and he make used of that chance to run away. After that, he met Nagisa on the way who predicted that he will run away and bring him back to his home. During that, she finally knew Tomoya’s problem.

Nagisa then invite Tomoya to stay with her and Tomoya moved to Nagisa’s house. Later in the part of the story, Tomoya visited Sunohara’s room and leak out that he is living with Nagisa now. In the end, he still do not admit that he do like Nagisa. Well, i think they are saving this for the later part.

My comment: Is it just me, or this week quality dropped? Angry Nagisa is kinda cute. I still have to get enough of Kyou and Tomoyo. Sad. They should have done more on Kyou and Tomoyo. Too bad for supporting character. I specially like the keyboard part where Sunohara come out with his own story. Well, i prefer the visual novel’s storyline because instead of the same creepy sound, there is a sound of a cry from monster in the end when Sunohara said that Okazaki is chasing them.


L: change the WorLd

February 29, 2008

Went to the movie to watch L:Change the WorLd. It is a very nice show. With a very good acting from
Ken’ichi Matsuyama. He is very ‘L-liked’. It is almost the same as the L in the anime. The attitude, the sitting, the action and the brain power. Ahhh, i wish he share some of his brain power with me. The others actor also acted very good. Especially Mayuko FUKUDA who is only around 13 years old. Not bad.  Ken’ichi had to speak in different language in this show. But, i think he pull it off nicely.

Well, this show is much much funnier than what i had expected. However, the more funnier it is, the less serious it gets but personally, i think that it is quite well balanced in terms of the seriousness. However, i think this show is a bit too gross. How the virus kill the people. It is gross. The most gross part in the show is where the professor died in the ‘clean room’. That was the most gross i think.

Overall, i think the show is worth going to see. At least it is funny. Too bad it is too gross. I couldn’t eat my popcorn after watching it. Makes me feel like vomiting. I weak to gross stuff anyway.

Vexille: Nippon Sakoku

February 28, 2008

In the year 2067, Japan withdrew from the United nations and initiated a policy of national isolation from the world. In 2077, an abassador from Japan is found to be robot/android in nature, violating almost all UN regulations regarding android manufacture…


Tokyo Marble Chocolate

February 28, 2008

A friend of mine recommended Tokyo Marble Chocolate. I had watch in. But i don’t like the drawing. However, the songs are nice.

Who say donkey are stupid? This donkey here is cute, colourful and best of all, it protect the owner from hentai guy.  Oh, i forget to mention that this donkey is an important charter in the show.

Overall, the storyline is good. The show is funny and nice.

Is the donkey wearing diaper?

I have added new member to the blogs. They are absolutebond, the hentai one.

ractic and ohayosingapore.   


Gundam Musou Special; Clannad Full voice visual novel

February 28, 2008

Finally this game is out in the market. As many of you out there know about Dynasty Warriors, this game is about the same but except that you would be controlling the gundams. I had no interest in playing dynasty warriors because i think that it is just a stupid game that let you just keep killing and killing and killing. Although there is a bit of Chinese history behind the game, but sorry, I am not interested.

Unlike the dynasty warriors, Gundam Musou is all about gundam. Too bad i am a fan of gundam. So i will try this game out. I think i will get bored soon just like the dynasty warriors game. Well, everything depends until i had try the game. This game had be release for PS3 long ago. Just it had been bring to PS2 also. I hope in near future, for PSP too. But different gameplay.

 Clannad Visual Novel 

Speaking of which, on 29th, which is tomorrow, Key is going to release the official full voice version for Clannad the visual novel PC. I can’t wait for it. Hopefully Tomoya finally have voice. Ps2 voice patch to computer one did not have Tomoya voice. Hence, some of the words at after story, i could not translate properly. The reason i could not translate, my Japanese sucks. Some kanji i could not read. Hence, i need people to pronounce to me and i look up in the dictionary and try to remember. Besides, i did not have any proper training in Kanji reading anyway.

Just to add on, although Key is the famous producer of H-games, Clannad is a clean, H-free game. Since every game that had been bring to Ps2 is a clean H-free game. I can play it to sort of improve my Japanese. For the Japanese and fans, we call it visual novel.  Somehow the people in the west like to call it dating simulation which makes people who play this games sound so desperate.

RADWIMPS – オーダーメイド

February 27, 2008

I think i am slow in discovering this song. Here is the lyrics.

作詩:野田洋次郎 作曲:野田洋次郎


生まれる前 どこかの誰かに
「未来と過去 どちらか一つを

なれるように なれますようにと



忘れたい でも忘れない
こんな想いを なんと呼ぶのかい





忘れたい でも忘れない

胸が騒がしい でも懐かしい

「そう言えば 最後にもう一つだけ
『涙 』もオプションでつけようか?

なれるように なれますようにと

「じゃあ ちなみに涙の味だけども
酸っぱくしたり 塩っぱくしたり
辛くしたり 甘くしたり

さぁ 誇らしげに見せてよ」




Kitto boku wa tazune raretandarou
Umareru mae, doko ga no dareka ni
Mirai to kako dochira ga hitotsu o
Mire ruyouni shite agerukara sa.
Docchiga ii? Docchiga ii?

Soshite boku wa koko o erandandarou
Tsuyoi hitoyori yasashii hitoni
Nareruyouni, naremasuyouni to
Omoide te nanda ka wakaruyouni.

Suzukete dareka-san wa boku ni iu
Ude mo ashi mo kuchi mo mimi mo me mo
Shinzou mo oppai mo hana no ana mo
Futatsu dzutsu dzukete agerukara ne.
Ii deshou? Ii deshou?

Dakedo boku wa onegaishitandayo
Kuchiwa hitotsu dake de ii desu to
Boku ga hitori de kenkashinaiyouni
Hitori to dake KISU ga dekiruyouni.

Wasuretai demo wasurenai
Konna omoi o nan to yobu nokai?

Sukoshi fukigen na kao no sono hito wa
Mata shikatanaku hanashi hajimeta
Ichiban daijina shinzou wa sa
Ryou mune ni tsukete agerukara ne.
Ii deshou? Ii deshou?

Matamata boku wa onegaishitanda
Osorere irimasu ga, kono boku ni wa
Migi no wa shinzou wa irimasen
Waga mama bakari itte suimasen

Boku ni taisetsuna hito ga dekite
Sono ko dakishimeru toki hajimete
Futatsu no kodouga chanto mune no
Ryougawa de naru no ga wakaruyouni
Hidari wa boku no de, migi wa kimi no
Hidari wa kimi no de, migi wa boku no
Hitori ja doko kakaketeruyouni
Hitori de nado ikiteikanaiyouni

Wasuretai demo wasurenai
Konna omoi o nan to yobu nokai?
Munega sawagashii demo natsukashii
Konna omoi o nan to yobu nokai?

Soiuba saigo ni mou hitotsu dake
Namida o OPUSHION de dzuke you ka?
Nakutemo zenzen shishouwanai kedo
Mendou dakaratte dzukenai hito mo iruyo
Dousuru? Dousuru?

Soshite boku wa onegaishitanda yo
Tsuyoi hitoyori yasashii hitoni
Nareruyouni, naremasuyouni to
Taisetsu te nandaka wakaruyouni.

Aa, chinami ni namida no aji dakedemo
Kimi no sukina aji o erandeyo
Suppakushitari, shoppakushitari,
Gamakkushitari, amakushitari,
Doredemo suki nano o erandeyo.
Dorega ii? Dorega ii?

Nozomi toori subete ga
kanae rareteirudeshou
dakara namida ni kureru
Sono kao wa chanto misete yo
Saa, hokora shigeni misete yo

Hontou ni arigatougozaimashita
Iro iro too tesuu o kakemashita
Saigo ni hitotsu dake ii desuka?

“Doukadeo ai shita koto arimasuka?”

English translated:

Order made by radwimps 

I think I must have been asked this once.
Before I was born, by someone, somewhere.
“Choose one: the past, or the future,
And I will allow you to see it.
Which will it be?
Which will it be?”

And I probably decided on the past.
So that, rather than just strong, I could become kind, become kind.
So that I could understand what memories are.

Next, that ‘somebody’ told me this.
“I’ll give you arms and legs and mouths and ears and eyes,
Hearts and breasts and nostrils.
I’ll give you two of each one.
Isn’t that great?
Isn’t that great?”

But then I made a request.
I said, I’d be fine with just one mouth.
So I wouldn’t argue with myself;
So I could only kiss one person.

I want to forget.
But somehow, I can’t.
What do you call this kind of feeling?

Looking a little disappointed,
The person continued with his explanation.
“The hearts are most important,
So I’ll put one behind each of your breasts.
Isn’t that great?
Isn’t that great?”

But, once more, I had a request to make.
I’m awfully sorry, but to be honest,
I really don’t need a heart on the right.
Sorry to keep troubling you like this.

It’s so that when I find that one special person,
And hold her close to me for the first time,
Only then will I finally be able to feel
Two hearts beating, one on each side.

The left one mine, the right, yours.
The left one yours, the right, mine.
So that alone, I’ll always be lacking something.
So that I won’t be able to just go on living alone.

I want to forget.
But somehow, I can’t.
What do you call this kind of feeling?

My chest is pounding,
Yet somehow it seems familiar.
What do you call this kind of feeling?

“Ah, that reminds me, there’s one last thing.
Would you like us to add in tears as well?
You’d have no problems without them,
But some people find them annoying, so they opt out.
What would you like?
What would you like?”

In the end, I asked him to add them in.
So that, rather than just strong, I could become kind, become kind.
So I could understand what it means to hold something dear.

“Oh, while we’re at it, the tears will need a flavour.
So I’d just like you to choose which one you’d prefer.
We have sour, salty, spicy, sweet.
You can choose whichever you like.
Which will you have?
Which will you have?”

Everything was put together just as requested,
So wipe those tears away and let me see your face.
Come on, show it to me with pride.

Thank you so much for everything.
Sorry to have caused you so much trouble.
But could I just ask one last thing?
“Have we met somewhere before?”

Comment: This is really a great song with great meaning. It is really like creating a human. The best part i like i think is 忘れたい、でも忘れない. I want to forget but i cannot forget. The part about 1 heart for me so that i would not live alone. Mine would be the left side and hers will be the right. I also like this part.

Somehow this sounds like god creating human. Who cares, it is a great song afterall.


Kimikiss- Pure Rouge 20

February 27, 2008

Kai giving Moe support.  

Moe ran pass Koichi

Yuumi : ‘Can we still hold hands’?

Kouichi: ‘Of course, we can hold legs too’.  

Eriko ‘laugh’ at Kazuki’s ‘propose’ 

Poor flower.

This week kimikiss starts with Kai consoling Moe and Yuumi analysing the relation between Moe and Kouichi. Kouichi is also thinking about it in his own room. When Moe return home, he dare not open the door and faced her.

Later part of the show is mostly on Eriko and Kazuki.  In the end, kazuki did ‘proposed’ to Eriko and i think that finally moved her. Speaking of that, i still pity the poor flower that is on the floor.

My comment: Kouichi is slow. Even yuumi knows.


February 25, 2008

I had been wanting to watch this since last year Nov. It is really really hard to be an oversea fan. It is very expensive too. This i think cost around $90+ if i were to ship here. By the way, friends of my, the will make a good birthday present for me. Since the release date is my 21st birthday.

However, the disadvantage side of this is that…….it is not done by kyoani. Which means that there is a bit different in the drawing. Seiyuu wise, i think only Tomoya is different. The rest remains the same as the anime(TV). How i really wish i was living in Japan. Where at least i could go to the movies and watch this.

Abit of spoilers from here onwards


True Tear-08

February 25, 2008

Sister complex.

Yehx, this place is a good place to skip classes and sleep. She rather face a chicken than a book.

He has a sister complex but too shy to admit

Ready, on your mark, FIGHT!

Story goes on that Shin drawing the picture book, Hiromi Vs Noe’s brother in free throw where she insistd that he shoot from half court. Who ever gets in a basket could ask the other question. After that, Hiromi gets in 2 while Jun gets none. Hiromi then ask if Noe gone out with any guys before and why Jun choose to go out with her.

After that, the 2 couple meet each other in school. Where Hiromi follow Noe to see the chicken. She said something to Noe and leave. After going home, she found burning picture again and confronted Shin’s mother which after that she said ‘ I don’t belong here’ and leaves to find Jun.

My comment: Why Shin’s mother keep burning the picture. I wonder how many picture can she burn. When finish burning also must clean up. And i am still curious if Hiromi was actually Shin’s half sister. If yes, that makes another sister complex person in the show. And poor Aoi-chan.

Just a short intro.

February 24, 2008

Well, lets touch on something i like.

The seiyuu i like : Aya hirano and Yui Horie

Well, Aya had a very powerful voice. Which can range from the cute little girl to a mature young lady. Anyway, i saw the video of her singing life and demo her skill. I am simply amazed. As for Yui or the fanboys call, Ho-chan, i just like her voice. Besides, she is one of the seiyuu i notice in my early life of otaku-ism. Hahaz.

Current singer i like: Utada Hikaru.

Well, she is a very talented composer. With a very powerful voice. Know her from the song first love. Grow to like her voice because of the song favor of life.

Current anime following : Spice&Wolf, H2O, Clannad, SNS2, Kimikiss, Shugo Chara

The anime i want to see how the story goes is clannad. Key+kyoani= good anime. For the time being, i wish the one announce to have 50+ edp was clannad and not shugo chara. Spice and wolf is a good anime. Which shows how you trick people. Hahaz. Kimikiss is just a normal plain love story. Even i am surprise with myself for keeping up with it. H2O ~footprint in the sand~ is an anime with full of traps. Yap, full of traps, someone who wear a skirt, sounds like a gal, look like a girl is actually a guy. Its a trap. Shakugan no Shana 2 pace is so slow. Slowly picking up later part. But not as good as the first season. Why am i watching Shugo chara? That i seriously cannot answer. Maybe i am just too bored. Hahahz.

There are other i am watching also. But may drop anytime. Looking forward to the next season anime.